Danish Collection

Our Danish Collection boxes come in seven different sizes.

The boxes contain a selection of our chocolates.

The chocolates are beautifully presented in one layer in the white and silver-coloured boxes.

The boxes called Danish Selection furthermore contain assorted chocolates, mini bars and dragee almonds.
Net weight: 45-55 g.
DKK 59.00
Net weight: 40-50 g.
DKK 59.00
Net weight: 45-55 g.
DKK 59.00
Net weight: 70-80 g.
DKK 85.00
Net weight: 95-105 g.
DKK 110.00
Net weight: 100-110 g.
DKK 119.00
Net weight: 190-200 g.
DKK 199.00
Net weight 215-225 g.
DKK 199.00
Net weight: 340-345 g.
DKK 339.00
Net weight: 650-660 g.
DKK 650.00

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